Yesterday I released a new version of NppSnippets. This version fixes a nasty bug in the edit languages dialog that could cause Notepad++ to crash. Because of this bug version 0.7.0 was released, but never announced.

The most noticeable new feature for version 0.7.x are:

  • A user interface for editing the language selection for libraries has been added. You need at least Notepad++ version 5.93 for this feature.
  • You can import a library from another NppSnippet database.
  • Start a new document for a certain snippets, and allow that snippet to set the language of that new document. There were already fields in the database for this. It can be very useful to start a new CSS-file or JavaScript-file from HTML, etc.
  • For the next version I planned to finally build the longstanding wish to keep or restore the selection when you insert a snippet that surrounds a selection. When this is done, it could become version 1.0!