Welcome to the website of Frank Fesevur.

On this website you can find information about the various open source projects I work on or have worked on.
I have written a tutorial on how to get started using vim.

If you are interested in the (Dutch) genealogy of the Fesevur family, you can find that here are well.


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Researching audio controls

In the series: Building an arcade cabinet

In the previous post I mentioned that I want a way to control the volume. During the day I probably don’t mind putting up the volume a bit, but that is most likely not what I want later in the evening.

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In the series: Building an arcade cabinet

Last spring I started to use a very old laptop for retro gaming. Back then it was a bit of an experiment, but it turned out I use it quite often. So I decided to make the next step and investigate if I could build a real arcade cabinet.

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