Welcome to the website of Frank Fesevur.

On this website you can find information about the various open source projects I work or have worked on.

If you are interested in the (Dutch) genealogy of the Fesevur family, you can find that here are well.


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Back to the light theme, if you prefer

Back in September 2019 I converted the look of my website to dark theme.

A while ago I found out that most modern operating systems and their browsers now support prefers-color-scheme. So I recently decided that I want to add support for that to my site and as a side effect bring back the light theme (if you prefer that).

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First API mockup

In the series: Football predictions in ASP.NET and Angular

It has been a while, but the last couple of days I finally made time to invest some time in the football predictions site. Given the current situation with the COVID-19 virus it is unsure if the tournament will be played at all, but for me it much more about the learning process then the actual site itself.

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