At the office we have a test PC with images of all Win32 operating systems. This is very useful for testing new software under different versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. Today I started to setup a test system based upon an XP image, so I can try to find the problems I have with the current beta of Dorgem.

I’ve downloaded the evaluation version of BoundsChecker. BoundsChecker claims it can find memory and resource leaks. I hope with it I can find and, even more important, solve this problem.

Today I also got a contribution by Marcus Shaw. He contribute a PHP script to handle when the camera is off-line. The script checks if the uploaded image is not too old. If so, it will show the off-line image. I will review this somewhere next week.

The coming weekend is very busy and I spend too much time watching the European Championship Football in Portugal. I hope Holland will become champion, but as many people here, I don’t think they will manage to do it. I will have to miss the next game we (when they win it’s we, when they loose it’s they will play against the Czechs, because Caroline gives a concert with her choir this Saturday evening. But they will do well, even when I don’t watch he game on TV.