I’m having a hard time with the stability of the new Dorgem release. One of Dorgems main (of you want to call it that way) features was its stability. But for some reason the current version doesn’t have it anymore. I think, somewhere along the way a memory or resource leak has slipped in the program and I just can find it. I even start to think the new FTP client wasn’t necessary at all.

On a test machine at the office with a fresh installed WinXP, I installed the current beta. I had a capture to a local file every 10 seconds. After somewhere between 3 and 4 hours the program freezes. When I debug this, it is always at a different point.

And I’m not the only with this problem. Three bug reports on the SourceForge project page are related to this problem.

If someone has a program that can detect this kind of problem, please let me know. At the office we don’t have them and there currently is no need to buy such a program. So if anyone can and wants to help me with this problem, please contact me!!! See the help or Dorgem website.