The first two weekends of March 2008 there are two interesting runs. On Sunday the 9th of March the 20 van Alphen. This is were I ran my very first run ever last year, a 5 km. And on Saturday 15th of March the CPC in my home town, where the world record on the half marathon was run last year.

Because of our move to the new house I didn’t run much apart from the regular Saturday morning runs. I don’t think I have enough time to prepare for my first 20 km or a half marathon. I’m not even sure if I can do a 10 km in a decent time right now. Yesterday my brother was with us to celebrate Christmas and he told me he didn’t do much since our last run in Haarlemmermeer.

The 20 van Alphen is in his home town and so it is a event he want to participate in. The CPC is in my home town. Many members of KèkWèk will run a distance here. My niece Eveline recently joined us at KèkWèk and she wants to run her for the first time here as well. I would love to run a distance in the CPC.

Yesterday my brother and I decided to run the 10 km run at both events.

So the first two runs for next year are already planned. I need to do the extra running to get ready for these events, but I’m looking forward to them. Luckily there is still enough time.