Yesterday was the big day for Voices Unlimited, Caroline her choir: the sponsor run at the The Hague Royal Ten. And so I had to run my 5 km to raise money for their concert.

I had set myself the goal to run it within 30 minutes. The race went really well and I finished at about 28:35. That was faster then I had expected! I knew a time under 30 minutes would be possible, but this is a nice surprise. Since it was an official run with a chip, today I could see my official time on the site: 28:22. I will put some photos in the album.

Some people would only pay their promised sponsor fee if I would finish within those 30 minutes. My brother André even promised a bit extra for every ten seconds faster.

After this fine result I will set myself a new target. I think I will run a 10 km somewhere in the autumn. So now I have to admit I like this running.