Today was the day. We all ran the 20 van Alphen.

First Menno the 1 km. He was quite nervous and that child run was really crowded, but he did it very well.

After that we had to run our 5 km. The start was very crowded but after the about 200 m I could run as I wanted. Although there were quite some teens that didn’t know how to run (sprinting, walking, sprinting, walking, etc), I managed to keep my own pace. After about 4 km my shoe-lace went loose, so I had to stop. Luckily it didn’t affect me much so I could pick-up my pace again. The last 500 m were though the center of Alphen and there were a lot of people to cheer for everyone. After 31:31 I crossed the finish. I’m really pleased with it. Caroline did it 38:37, so she beat her PR! Well done! She has something to be proud about.

After us, André had to run the 20 km. He had a difficult race, after 2:05:29 he finished. My sister also was there to support us all. When we were all finished we went to my brothers house.

So a very nice day, great weather, nice running, great family day.