Today the afternoon run was replaced by a morning run. We had to go somewhere this afternoon. So after eating a little bit, I went to the Zuiderpark. The plan was to run the outer lap around the Zuiderpark.

When I arrived there I found out I forgot my watch. So I could not keep track of my time today. So decided to ask someone what time it was when just before I started and to ask the time when I arrived back. So I did and I started at about 11:55. While I was running at I found out they had closed a road because ADO (our local football club) had to play a home match. So I had to change my plan and luckily I could enter the park there and continue with a large part of the inner ring.

When I arrived back at my starting point I must have run somewhere over 3 km and it all went quite well. No pain in my calf muscle, not too heavy breathing, and I arrived back at about 12:15.

As said the times are approximate just like the distance, but the overall feeling was good. So the lesson for today… Don’t forget your watch.