Last November Caroline started running. She has a special reason to do this: to find sponsors for the concert they will give with her choir at the end of June. So they are running with KekWek, a runners club here in The Hague and preparing for 5 km of the The Hague Royal Ten.

But Caroline has never been so sporty, so she needs some extra motivation. To help her, I decided to go running as well. When Menno is at the band, we run for about 20 minutes. Obviously this time has to increase to run 5 km, but we still have time.

When Caroline runs on Saturday morning with KekWek, Menno has to go to Scouting. I bring Menno there and do the weekly shopping. I try to run myself during the weekend as well, but until now unfortunately that does not always happen.

The funny thing about all this running is that my brother runs as well. He ran the half marathon last year. He tried to convince me many times that I should start running as well, especially when I stopped with handball, now three years ago due to problems with my knees. But I always said to him that running was not my thing and that I would not see myself running for 10 km or so. I would rather do 100 km on the bike then 10 km running.

And now… I’m running and I think I’m starting to like it.