Last week I got a 60GB harddisk that I want to build in my home PC. It would give me 3 times more disk space. It is an old P3 500MHz.

But installing it is tough business. I already have one harddisk, a DVD-ROM and a CD-RW drive. Adding this extra harddisk apparently was too much for the power supply: after about an hour the PC halted.

So I had to disconnect both CD players and after struggling with the master/slave jumpers I could copy the data from my old C-drive to the new disk. I created an image with DriveImage (from formerly PowerQuest). But creating the image took almost 6 hours. When it was finished this morning, I could start the restore to the new C-drive on the new disk.

This took another 3 hours, so when I arrived back from the office I could finally complete it all. Disconnected and removed the old harddisk, screw the new one in place, reconnect the CD player and closing the cover.

And oh miracle… Everything just ran as expected!