Today I update the Dorgem website. I added some users to the Users page and added a roadmap for the next versions of Dorgem.

There is not much development going on right now. The reason for this is quite easy, a lack of time and motivation. There is a nasty resource problem in the current version and I can’t find it I thought I had fixed it, by adding the new FTP client, but that didn’t help. Also changing some things in the DoCapture() but that didn’t help. When everything I try doesn’t help, it is not good for my motivation.

One thing I still need to add to the site is a description how to add Dorgem to your website. Things like, publishing the source of my own webcam page and basic HTML and JavaScript samples to show how pages can be updated. This has been requested my some users and I promised to publish it, but I just did come to it. The basic HTML and my PHP (based upon an idea contributed by Marcus Shaw) solution are quite easy to publish, but I still need to make a proper JavaScript sample. Once that is done, I will put them on-line.